The 2004 and 2006
Bill DeBlasio


Lucky 13, Bill DeBlasio is the 1st and only multi-season Champion.  Bill won 28 rounds in 2006 which was 5 more than his nearest competitors, (Ellwein/Guffey/Fahey).  He won the Lebanon Valley Dragday (again) and sealed his Championship win by going to the final round at the E-Town double points finale..  Bill's ECIRS number is "Lucky 13", although he does not seem to need help with luck, Bill has proven to be the most consistent and skilled bracket racer.  
A little history on our Champion... Bill joined ECIRS back in 2002. At his 1st race in Numidia PA Bill went all the way to the Semi-Finals of the bracket race, and he finished 3rd overall in the Quick 8 race.  Bill finished out the 2002 season in 6th place and with 1 event win, (the MBA Products Drag Day at Lebanon Valley NY).  He finished the 2003 season in 5th place and with 2 more event wins, (The East Coast Impala Open in Maryland and the CT-Tri-9 Drag Day at Lebanon Valley NY).  Then in 2004 he topped them all and raced his way to victory and the ECIRS Season Championship.  Bill's point total in 2004 may never be eclipsed.  He ended the season with 593 points which to this day stands as an ECIRS record.  Bill is one of the winningest ECIRS racers in the past 6 years.  (6 wins in 6 years).