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Rules of Competition:

1.  Points are awarded at each ECIRS event for each round of ET bracket racing completed.  No points will be awarded for completing rounds in other classes such as "HeadsUp".

2.  The class of ET bracket racing will be identical to the IHRA/NHRA Heavy Eliminator, Mod ET, Class II, (a.k.a. "foot brake").  "Electronics" are strictly prohibited.  Transbrakes are prohibited.  Delay boxes are prohibited.  Use of line locks are prohibited while at the starting line.  Line locks MAY be used to aid in completing a burnout or in special handicap setups.

3.  Points will only be awarded for one racing class per event.  Usually the event organizers will have an open impalaSS ET bracket race.  This is the race that you would want to participate in to gain points toward the series championship.  In the event that the race organizers run more than one ET bracket race class,  for example 14 sec. and up.  14 sec. and  below, then you will decide for yourself which class to run in.  The quicker cars may have a disadvantage in the above example since there are usually less overall rounds of competition in the quicker classes.

4.  Substitute drivers:  Substitute drivers are NOT allowed. You must drive in the event in order to receive ECIRS points.  You may elect to use a substitute driver, but your ECIRS number will not receive Championship points.

5.  Substitute cars:  [Just in case your primary car is in the shop]. You and only you, the ECIRS point member, may drive a substitute car during a maximum of 2 racing event for point credit per season.  The type of substitute car is not restricted and can be any car or truck.  You must drive your primary car at "most" of the events. 

6.  Completing a round of ET bracket racing will be defined differently at different tracks.  Therefore, the official ECIRS definition of "Completing a round" will be:  During eliminations, as soon as your car enters or drives around the burnout box, then you will be considered as "completing a round".  If your car breaks while in the burnout box or approaching the starting line, you will still receive the points for that round.  If your car brakes while in the pits or staging lanes, before the burnout box, you will not be considered as "completing a round" and you will not receive the points for that round.

7.  All Track Safety Rules must be followed. Your car must pass the track safety inspection for each event you attend. All track inspectors have the final word in regard to weather your car can compete.

8.  As long as your car passes Tech, any power adder and all modifications are allowed to your impalaSS or "Other Cool Sedans", with the exception of the electronics and starting line aids mentioned in rule 2 above.

9.  The Series Director will make the overall final decision on any question to the above rules and to any other situation that could be considered adverse to the spirit of fair competition and Sportsmanship.  The Series Director will make final interpretation of all rules and his decision is final.

10.  Some or all of your series points can be revoked if the Series Director determines that you unknowingly or willfully violated any of these rules or acted in an unsportsmanlike manner.

11. "Other Cool Sedans" is defined as any year model Impala or Caprice as well as any sedan or wagon of any year from any manufacturer as long as it is of a similar size and weight to the 94-96 Impala SS. The series director has the final say as to whetehr or not a car qualifies as "Other Cool Sedans"..

12. Vacation Points: Up to 25 Vacation points for as many as 2 events will be awarded in the 2015 ECIRS season.


GENERAL: This Championship Series is ET Bracket Racing only. No Heads up rounds will count toward points. The racer with the most points at the end of the season will be the ECIRS Champion and receive a nice plaque and take 1 year possession of the impressive Champoion Cup along with all the bragging rights. This Championship Series was created to promote participation within and between the SS clubs. 

30 points are awarded for completing the 1st round of any event, (win or loose).

10 points are awarded for completing each round after the 1st round, (win or loose).

23 points are awarded for winning the Final round of any event, (10 points for the runner-up).

New for 2006 season:  1 point is awarded to the driver who knocks out the winner of the previous race, (bounty)..

In a 4 round race, for example, first round losers receive 30 points, second round 40 points, third round 50 points, runner-up 60 points and winner 73 points.

The final race of the season will be for double points. These points will be in addition to your tally of all regular season points..

NEW:  Tie Breaker criterion for final season standings:  

1: most round wins

2: most final round wins

3: most final rounds

4: most semi-final rounds

5: coin flip

Points will be posted at the ECIRS web site after every event.
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